Hidden Solar Expenses

Common hidden, unforeseen, unintended or undisclosed homeowner costs associated with typical solar panel installation.

Premiums & Inspections

$ 6,000

End of Life Costs

$ 7,700



Voided Warranty

$ 20,000

Exaggerated Savings

$ 20,000


Our expanding network of experienced civil litigation attorneys is passionately and steadfastly committed to defending the legal rights and financial interests of the American homeowner.

Our innovative approach to legal and economic justice is uniquely supported by our talented team of researchers, financial and data analysts that provide positive outcomes in the majority of our legal engagements.

Let us help you recover hidden and unintended costs associated with your solar system installation. Because we work exclusively on a contingency basis, our efforts are provided at no financial risk to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I legally sue now for financial damages that I have yet to realize?

Yes. Most states’ consumer protection laws specifically allow for and provide relief by allowing a plaintiff to sue and recover future yet still unrealized financial losses for which they have a reasonable expectation to suffer or incur in the future.

Why should I bother to initiate legal action now rather than later?

All states have a civil statute of limitations law requiring a plaintiff (or retained attorney) to file suit within a prescribed time period from the causative event date (typically 3 to 5 years). Given the high probability that many, if not most, solar panel installation companies may no longer be in business in 20 or 30 years, it is imperative for you to take legal action NOW to recover these unintended costs before this period expires.

I am now strapped for money. How much will it cost me to initiate a claim against my contractor?

As contingency fee-based law firms, Energy Mitigation Associates and our network of experienced trial attorneys require no up-front money or retainer from our clients. We assume the full cost of litigation. Should your case be settled or adjudicated in your favor, then, and only then, do we earn and collect our contingency fee and filing costs from the settlement. We assume all the risk of your case.

What are the Next Steps?

Contact us immediately so that we can initially review the basic details and facts surrounding your solar panel installation.

Provide us with details regarding your solar system installation, such as installation date and misrepresentations of items omitted from the installation contract, sales presentations, and the statement of financial and energy savings.

Let us determine if your case merits further investigation based on the information you provide in the second step.

If we believe that sufficient damages may be potentially awarded to you, then we will conduct, at no cost to you, a free and comprehensive financial analysis and assessment in order to realistically calculate the financial value of your case based on its collective merits.

Let us then know if you want to proceed with litigation.

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