Government Actions: New Mexico Attorney General

On March 8, 2018, Attorney General of New Mexico filed a lawsuit against Vivint Solar, Inc. The lawsuit claims Vivint Solar was engaging in unfair and unconscionable business practices including clouding titles to consumers’ homes, fraud and racketeering in connection with its residential solar power purchase agreements and solar equipment. The Office of the Attorney General’s complaint alleges that Vivint Solar binds New Mexico consumers into 20-year contracts that require consumers to purchase the electricity generated by a solar system placed on their homes at rates that increase by over 72% during the 20 years. The complaint further alleges the Vivint Solar deploys door-to-door sales managers to engage in high pressure sales techniques and procedures designed to mislead consumers into believing that these 20-year contracts will save them substantial amounts of money. The complaint also charges Vivint Solar with filing improper notices in consume real estate records that operate to cloud titles, and in some cases making it difficult for New Mexico consumers to sell their homes. 

This matter is currently pending awaiting a trial by jury.